The expiration dates of elected senators' terms are shown in parentheses. The term ends in August, unless otherwise noted.
The asterisk indicates no voting rights in passing upon the qualification of faculty members proposed for rank or tenure.


Dr. Peter K. Kilpatrick, President
Dr. Aaron Dominguez, Provost
Dr. J. Steven Brown, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Administration and Dean of Graduate Studies
Dr. Lynn Mayer, Vice Provost for Teaching and Dean of Undergraduate Studies


School of Architecture and Planning

Prof. Mark Ferguson, Dean, Ordinary Professor
Prof. Ann Cederna, Ordinary Professor (2022)

School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Thomas Smith, Dean, Ordinary Professor, Politics
Dr. Maria Sophia Aguirre, Ordinary Professor, Economics (2023)
Dr. Sarah Ferrario, Associate Professor, Greek and Latin (2023)
Dr. Daniel Gibbons, Associate Professor, English (2022)
Dr. Ingrid Hsieh-Yee, Ordinary Professor, Library and Information Science (2020)
Dr. Greg Miller, Associate Professor, Chemistry (2021)
Dr. Ian Pegg, Ordinary Professor, Physics (2023)
Dr. Brendan Rich, Associate Professor, Psychology (2021)
Dr. Caroline Sherman, Associate Professor, History (2021)

Tim and Steph Busch School of Business

Dr. Andrew Abela, Dean, Associate Professor
Dr. Reza Saidi, Associate Professor, Finance (2021)

School of Canon Law

Rev. Msgr. Ronny E. Jenkins, Dean, Associate Professor
Dr. Kurt Martens, Ordinary Professor, Chair of Senate (2022)

School of Engineering

Dr. John Judge, Dean, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Joseph Vignola, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering (2021)
Dr. Otto Wilson, Jr., Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering (2022)

Columbus School of Law

Prof. Stephen Payne, Dean, Ordinary Professor
Prof. Megan LaBelle, Ordinary Professor, Columbus School of Law (2021)
Prof. Mary Leary, Ordinary Professor, Columbus School of Law, Vice Chair of Senate (2022)

Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art

Dr. Jacqueline Leary-Warsaw, Dean, Ordinary Professor
Dr. Nora Heimann, Associate Professor, Art (2022)
Dr. Patrick Tuite, Associate Professor, Drama (2022)

National Catholic School of Social Service

Dr. Jo Ann Regan, Dean, Associate Professor
Dr. Christine Sabatino, Ordinary Professor (2022)

Conway School of Nursing

Dr. Patricia McMullen, Dean, Ordinary Professor
Dr. Joyce Johnson, Associate Professor (2021)

School of Philosophy

Dr. John McCarthy, Dean, Associate Professor
Dr. Gregory Doolan, Associate Professor (2021)

School of Theology and Religious Studies

Very Rev. Mark Morozowich, Dean, Associate Professor
Dr. Charles Jones, Associate Professor (2021)
Dr. William Loewe, Ordinary Professor (2022)

Metropolitan School of Professional Studies

Dr. Vincent Kiernan, Dean*

University Libraries

Mr. Stephen Connaghan, Director, University Libraries*
Dr. Maria Mazzenga, Curator, American Catholic History Research Center*

Representatives to the Board of Trustees

Professional Schools: Dr. Andrew Simpson, Ordinary Professor, Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art (2021)*
School of Arts and Sciences: Dr. Laura Mayhall, Associate Professor, History (2022)*
Ecclesiastical Faculties: Dr. Timothy Noone, Ordinary Professor (2022)*


Danielle Spinato, University Registrar and Director of Enrollment Services, Constituent Services*

Recording Secretary

Prof. Megan LaBelle, Ordinary Professor, Columbus School of Law

Graduate Student Association

Ms. Carly Jones, Doctoral Program in Politics*
Mr. Luke Maschue, Doctoral Program in Latin and Greek*

Student Government Association

Mr. Gerald Sharpe, president, Politics and Philosophy Pre-Law, School of Arts and Sciences, junior
Ms. Gemma del Carmen, vice president, Politics and Philosophy, School of Arts and Sciences, junior*
Mr. Chris Carey, chief of staff, Economics, School of Arts and Sciences, junior*